Why Generation Y is more into Live In Relationship?

Now a Days the Generation Y is into Live In Relationship:

Do you think that the Generation Y is into live in relationship? Marriage is undoubtedly a big deal that requires lifelong commitment. It’s obvious to be little worried before tying the knot. Recent studies and trends suggest that generation Y have doubt on the prospect of marriage so they are shunning this custom tactfully. Cohabitation has emerged as the best solution for them.

Young couples voice a number of genuine concerns about getting hitched. Earlier married couples used to work to make their marriage successful but now no one has time to sit and settle the dispute. When any problem arises in their love paradise they simple prefer to walk out of the bonding which results into separation.

Marriage vs Live in Relationship:

When they are quizzed to choose between marriage and live in relationship, they opt for cohabitation over wedlock. Number of divorces has increased rapidly over the years and it is cited as one of the prime reasons for couples to avoid the wedding path.

Like divorce, loss of spouse is equally shattering. Being single and being widow is not the same. It results into mental illness, generates negativity and acute depression. 

On the other hand cohabitation is like a test drive before taking the final call. No commitment and compromise are required to stay together. Live in relationship gives you the time to explore your partner. Here you can quit any time you want and you don’t even have to go through any legal procedure. Divorce is an ominous term and when you utter it, quite a handful people will poke into your life to give you free advice.

Modern Life and Culture:

We have adopted the modern life and culture but still we can’t embrace the idea of divorce so casually. Men have a different reason to avoid marriage. Firstly, break-ups leave a strong impact and pain us emotionally, economically and psychologically. Girls have the advantage to charge a huge amount in the name of alimony.  Who wants to go through any such turmoil? The legal battle and financial charge of divorce is a hassle for both.

According to them, cohabitation offers the same pleasure but with less trouble and pain. No lawyers, no alimony and no unwanted interference and query to make your life worthless. Those who have already experienced the trauma of separation hardly want to go for second marriage.

Marriage is an Investment:

Total marriage package itself is an expensive deal. It’s a big investment but no one can predict its longevity. Men are mostly concerned about it as they are supposed to take the burden of overall expenses of daily life. Sending gifts on birthday or carrying a bouquet on a date is always a better choice than running a family where you always have to contribute both physically and financially. There’s no escape from it.

Another intriguing problem of the current generation is that they are desperate to get into bed for the sake of enjoyment. They can’t understand the intensity of love. Fast life and rapid growth don’t allow them to think or feel anything. They are more habituated and tend to accept instantly served dishes. If they don’t like it they will dump it but marriage is not meant for such temporary madness.

So, the only option is live in relationship which is now widely accepted.