What is Commitment Phobia?

Do you want to Know, what is Commitment Phobia?

Are you affected by Commitment Phobia? For lovers like us relationship develops naturally and eventually it gets stronger with time. However, for some people relationship and commitment are like nightmare. They may be friendly with others, do well in life and even passionate about love but when they are asked to get settled in life they prefer to run away. They are afraid to make any commitment in their love life.

Certainly it’s a torture for both who are suffering from commitment phobia and the one who is involved in this affair.

What are the Reasons for Commitment Phobia?

Painful relation in past can ruin our present. Those who have been ditched badly are mostly prefer to remain single. They have a tendency to become anxious when it comes to express their love. Falling for someone is tough for them and trust that person is tougher than anything.

Many want to run away from responsibility, duty and bindings that automatically add to our life once we get committed. ‘single but not ready to mingle’ is the apt phrase for them. Freedom is their first choice. Commitment doesn’t allow whimsical lifestyle which you can enjoy with your single status only.

Confuse Commitment:

Some people have a no guts to make any decision. Their status is ‘confused’. Even if they are excited with love they don’t want to take the next step. Confusion prevails in their mind so they can’t make decision hastily. They are trapped between ‘should I or should I not’.

Many young souls have given their view against marriage. They can’t tolerate any emotional torture in the name of lifelong togetherness. According to them life is not meant for shedding tears for someone who doesn’t know its value. They respect relationship but don’t want to walk on the path that leads to wedding. When given a chance they promptly choose cohabitation over marriage. No commitment but rest is same.

Commitment Breakup:

This generation is too busy to fall for someone and get involved with the same. They look for dishes those are served instantly. Break-ups and patch-ups hardly make any difference for them. The super-fast flow of life eventually takes away all the emotion and makes them a corporate robot. Who has time to be romantic now? They don’t have time to maintain a relation, forget commitment.

The risk factor (whether it will work out or not) constantly pokes in their mind. That’s a reason for them to say no to ‘yes, I want to marry you’. Passing affairs are their trend. No emotional hiccups, no barrier in life and no interference in personal belongings are called freedom. They can die to get it.

Commitment for Love Life Relationship:

So, if you are also a commitment phobic and desperate to get rid of this, engage yourself in deep therapy. Relationship gives the required strength to withstand any trouble in your love life. Allow yourself to be together for the rest of your life.

It may hurt you, scratch you and change you many times but trust me, everything happens for a good reason. We tend to grow with grey hair and learn to tolerate patiently with our partner with each passing years. Remember, no one is perfect, not even you. Spread your arms to welcome the person you love in your life without wasting a minute.