Love Marriage vs Arranged Marriage

Love marriage or arranged marriage, which one to choose? Marriage is a lifetime bonding where the bride and the groom are involved with their respective families. Be it fixed by others or chosen by themselves, wedlock is more or less same in both the cases though there are some distinct differences in these two categories. Love sounds more romantic and mainstream in compare to arranged one but each has its own flavour and spark.

Love Marriage:

Most importantly, in love marriage the added advantage is you know the person for years and accustomed with his or her nature. Risk is lower than the arranged one. Some married couples get scared when they are asked to share their belongings with the person who is known for few days. Love makes us more tolerant and sacrificing in nature with which we are desperate to do anything for our beloved. It’s tough to do the same in arranged marriage.

Time is a big factor in marriage. In love marriages, couples have already built their love paradise on the basis of understanding, loyalty, faith and love before they take the wedding vow. This is what remains missing in most of the arranged marriages.

Arranged Marriage:

Developing an intense feeling or emotion that connects two hearts is not an overnight affair. For arranged marriage the more they spend time with each other before marriage is better for their relation. According to the old concept that our parents still possess, we automatically falls for someone when you start living with that person.

Being in love for several years makes the couples comfortable and over the years they gradually cross all the barriers. When they get hitched they hardly find anything new to explore in themselves but arranged marriage is just the opposite. Excitement of knowing each other to get intimate in relation or from expressing your feeling to start a new life together is fun and invigorating. It eventually helps the duo to come close.

Love Marriage vs Arranged Marriage:

In both the marriages the couples need to devote themselves to work on it successfully.  Divorce or separation is common in marriage irrespective of love or arranged. What matters most is the relation and the two souls who are involved in it. It has both advantage and disadvantage but that has nothing to do with marriage type.

If one has to define which is more romantic most of us would not be able to confirm it. Marriage type is not at all the key factor for successful marriage.

Romance in Marriage:

People can be romantic or unromantic but the marriage can’t decide or change your nature. If you are passionate for love, romantic in nature and love to express your feeling you will always be called love birds together. Love is inseparable and indispensable factor in any marriage. If it goes missing it will break the love nest.

The prevalent battle between love and arranged is all in our mind. So stop comparing between these types. Any such comparison only insults the bonding. Proximity, attachment, sacrifices and devotion helps to strengthen our relation. To develop a healthy relation with your newly-wed spouse the only thing you need is a feeling for him/her. Leave the rest to destiny.