How to Judge, whether it is Love or Lust?

Love is a deeply rooted unconditional and intense feeling towards someone and lust is exclusively meant for sexually addiction where there’s no place for emotion. There are many ways to differentiate between LoveAndLust though we often mistakenly ConsiderLust as a true love. To make you aware of the trap, here’s a list of notable differences to judge the actual feeling.

Those days are gone when love used to be platonic. Sex and physical contact is an integral part of any relationship. This is why we often get confused with what love and what lust is.

Love is Forever:

Love is a desire for someone whom you want to be successful even if you know that it will take him/her away from you. We care for our beloved and never hesitate to sacrifice or compromise anything for that one person. In love what matters most is loyalty and togetherness.

Lust is a kind of desperate craving for sex, an obsessed feeling that doesn’t last for long. It has nothing to do with your inner self. Your heart will not beat for this person though your body may get involved into this game.

Lust is Temporary:

Lust is selfish where the two only understand the physical language. The indomitable quest to make love sometimes forces them to do cheap things. Love never allows to do illegitimate things in public. It may make you crazy and act foolish but lovers are conscious about their status and show mutual respect.

Lust is very attention demanding that can make you mad. Love increases incessantly day by day with an eternal pace. The DiminishingLust goes off with time, distance and change in nature but love remains unaffected.

Love and affection help you to balance in life and never come as a hindrance in your way of progress. A true lover acts as a protector whatever the circumstance is. Here the person’s soul matters most not his or her body. Lust is a sudden change that only knows the physical attributes.

How to Judge Love:

A girl wearing a skimpy dress can create a sensation but that can’t love. The person who falls for the girl automatically gets bored with the time. You may feel physically attracted to many men and similarly they can also fantasise about more than one. There lies the biggest difference. When two people are in love, they can’t think of having another affair.

The short-term sexual desire can be satisfied but don’t call it love. Unsatisfied desire may turn into frustration which is even more complicated. Although lust may develop into love with time but love can’t be changed into lust. Commitment in love is permanent but in lust it is temporary. However, many people enjoy the latter as it does not require any responsibility, bonding and duty.

So, it’s always preferable and advisable to get involved in relation that you are sure of. Whimsically taken decision gives a chance to repent that is definitely not desirable. Listen to your gut and make the right choice.