7 Things that Women Try to Hide from Their Men

Do you know about Women? Most of the men are clueless about the secretive life of their girlfriends. Yes, girls love to keep things under wrap and this is the reason why men get attracted to them as they are always very keen to discover the hush-hush objects.


1) Age:

It’s a common statement goes for maximum girls who do not grow up after a certain age. These girls apply the whole range of anti-ageing products and manage to remain wrinkle free even at late 40s. It’s a crime to ask women their age.

2) Ex-flame:

This is another protected area where they hardly allow their husband or beau to enter. The spicy secret of their past is not meant for their present partner. It always remains a secret. Some don’t even disclose that they had a past. They find it annoying to answer some lewd questions like how intimate their relation was or how far that went.


3) Hide their Feelings:

We all have a mind-set that only boys can propose a girl. Even if the girl feels the same she will never take the initiative to express her feeling. It’s a common girlie trait. They know how to hide their emotion and camouflage their feeling. For them it’s an insult if they have to say, ‘’I Love You’’ first. Majority of girls even prefer to keep the man on hold by staying ‘’I need time’’. Trust me, this is all their tantrums.

4) Girlie Talk:

You will never be able to decode any conversation between two girls. We have a notion that girls only talk about their fashion but it’s not true. You will never be able to fit in a girlie conversation when they speak their heart out. Surprisingly, unlike men they don’t need any help from alcoholic beverage. They start sharing their controversial secrets only with the gang of girls.


5) Make up Box:

To be the eye candy in a party a woman can go to any heights but she never feel confident without her make-up in a party. If you try to ask like “What’s the secret of your glowing skin?’’, you will certainly get a smile in response of your compliment. Majority of the women keep their secret glow in their face. They are always very conscious about their looks. They don’t allow anyone to sneak peek into their handbags where they keep all kinds of pampering items.

6) Body Weight:

Women are mostly very fastidious about their body and shape and they love to flaunt it publicly. If they gain little bit extra kilos and start looking plump it scares them. Vital statistic is another thing they don’t prefer to disclose. Don’t embarrass them by asking ‘’what’s your weight’’? You will never get the answer.


7) Hide their Interest:

Women are very jealous and curious in nature. No matter how desperate she is to know about your past but she will never let you know her inquisitive attitude. Girls prefer to pretend as if they don’t give a damn to their beau’s past. In reality, a girl always keeps an eye on her lover’s ex flame, her present status, updates and any pictures available on social media.

This is why men call them weird and unpredictable in true sense. We believe, it’s hard to find out what’s going on a girl’s mind. So don’t try to find any logic in their strange behaviour. Sometimes they are frivolous and at times they are quirky.