6 Significant Steps to Follow during the Courtship Period

The courtship period/phase is just awesome where you eventually get to explore each other. It’s the time when the two desperately try to impress and build a strong bonding. Though the traditional theme of courtship period has changed but the goal remains intact. The couples take this time to decide their future.

There are no such dos or don’ts to follow in this courtship period but the following steps are useful for those who have already chosen their partners:

1) Quality Time:

It’s the time to create a new friendship which starts with knowing each other’s likes and dislikes. To make a long lasting bond you have to put some extra effort. For instance, if your partner is a movie buff buy two tickets to go and watch a movie on a date. If you find him/her foodie try out new restaurant. It is easier to get cosy when you are in your comfort zone.

2) Honest Confession:

Lifelong relationship deserves to know everything about it. Be it trivial issues or serious matter speak your heart out when your partner is a good listener. There’s no point hiding the truth. Update your partner with your daily happenings and share your thoughts and express your feeling boldly. This is the way to lay the foundation of a solid love nest.

3) Make a Big Gang:

You will get to know more about your future partner when you meet up with his/her friends. Interact with others to know more about your partner. It’s important to know how friendly your companion is in nature and how he/she presents you among the gang of his/her friends. Utilize this courtship period to get acquainted with his/her world.

4) Check your Compatibility Level:

Spending good time also includes finding common interests, hobbies, and lifestyle. Discuss those issues that are important to you and notice his/her reaction and opinion about it. For a marriage to work it is crucial for both to match their wavelength.  Take your time to discover whether you are compatible or not.

5) Give Space to Remain Comfortable:

Give each other enough space to avoid any complication or suffocation in relationship. Don’t be too interfering and judgemental. Sometime distance creates a spark in relation. It is not necessary that your partner will always be free for you. He or she may have other priorities to. Ensure that you respect each other don’t rush into each other’s territory.

6) Embrace Each other’s Past:

Don’t shift your focus to find shortcomings in your mate. It’s simply wastage of time. It’s not a crime to have a relation in past. Accept your beau the way he/she is in present. Don’t dig out those silly facts which actually can ruin your relation. There will be zillion things in which you may differ from each other but remember ‘opposites attract’. Use this beautiful courtship period to explore such differences and make romance an exciting part in your life.

These significant steps during your courtship period led to the room of romance. Make good use of this courtship period to build an unconditional love relation.