6 Reasons that Lead to Separation of Relationship

What are the Reasons that Lead to Separation of Relationship?

Are you happy in your Relationship? It’s terribly tough to find your true love and unfortunately it is even more difficult to maintain the relationship. Besides love, it requires a lot of things that include patience, sacrifice, dedication and effort. Sometime it’s doesn’t work the way you expected it despite your desperate attempt to resume the relationship. Are you also trying to find out what went wrong in your love life?

Read on to know six obvious reasons that lead to split up Relationship:

1) Incompatibility:

One of the prime reasons that leads to separation is incompatibility. In today’s life we prefer someone with same mentality, nature, wit and humour. If it’s not there a gap generates automatically. Communication doesn’t make sense when the other person is not responding the same way. The charm remains missing. There comes a new person in life and the existing relation gets ruined.

2) Infidelity:

No matter how much love or trust is there in a relationship, no one can tolerate cheating. Now the western culture has taken its place in our life which results into handful affairs before and after marriage. Infidelity is an ominous term in relationship. Though we all love to follow western society, their lifestyle but we are far away to cope up with cheating.

3) Conflicting Target:

We all are career oriented and focus on a target to achieve it on time. Relationship requires attention from both the partner but when two of them are busy with different purpose, it’s simply doesn’t click. Sometimes rigid and biased thoughts regarding social issues, politics and religions cause conflict that leads to argument and fight. 

4) Abuse:

Many fail to continue the relationship when they are verbally or physically abused by their partners. This is the sign of unhealthy relationship. No form of emotional or physical torture is right and you must lodge a complaint against the culprit. This is one of the justified reasons to call off the relation.

5) Excessive Possessiveness:

Lovers are genuinely possessive in nature but over possessiveness can kill your relationship. Many have identified it as a strong reason for separation. Love easily disappears when it’s controlled and caged. You must provide your beloved ample of space to maintain the relation steady. We all love independence and no relation works when this vital element goes missing.

6) Unsatisfied Conjugal Life:

Though we all admit that love is the primary force that holds the charm but we can’t ignore our physical need. This requirement is especially valid for married couples. Lack of interest in sexual meetings and incapability may ruin your married life. If any of them is unsatisfied he/she will look for someone who can fulfil his/her desire. That causes severe damage in the marriage or courtship.

Every relationship has its own problem and how you deal with it always matters. Many lovers give their utmost effort to get things sorted. They never allow ego to become a barrier in their courtship. If any of these problems troubles your love paradise you will have to communicate with your partner first. Don’t let others to intervene in your personal issues but talk to each other to find out a way.