6 Points to Remember for a Premarital Sex

Things to Keep in Mind, When you are Having Premarital Sex:

Did you ever had Premarital Sex? We adult can’t ignore the physical needs and desire and as a result of it many of us get involved into premarital sex. Love making can’t be a sin but it’s something that everyone keeps under wrap. Pre-marital sex is not yet widely accepted and still referred as forbidden in many parts of the world.

Let’s not get into any controversy because we are not here to decide its disadvantages but we are going to discuss six notable things to keep in mind when you are in an intimate relationship before the marriage.

1) Who doesn’t Enjoy Sex?

Two souls deeply in love get easily close to each other. It happens with all normal human beings but keep your eyes open and judge your lover first. Don’t make yourself cheap and easily available to your beau. First and foremost you have to be sure of what you are doing. Trust is essential but don’t be blind in love.

2) Is it Love or Lust?

Ask yourself first. Love is eternal but lust is temporary so you can’t expect anything from it. Don’t allow anyone to utilise you to satisfy his/her desire. There’s no point to lament after doing a mistake. Women are prone to get trapped into this when men mostly make it a point to have fun.

3) Comfort Level Sex:

Check your comfort level when getting close to someone. Forceful intimacy is equivalent to rape even if you are in love with the same person. So make sure that your lover is giving priority to your feeling and needs. Make love to cherish the moment not to show what you can.

4) Sexual Protection:

It’s compulsory to use protection before you bump into someone. The most important benefit that it offers is safety from any transferable disease. Secondly, a child is not welcome before marriage in our society. So when having fun with your boyfriend or girlfriend don’t produce any such annoying issue out of your extreme pleasure.

5) Importance of Sex:

Don’t make it a habit else you will lose your importance. You have to understand and control yourself so that you both feel the urge to get married soon. If it becomes a regular practice the charm will be lost and life would be monotonous. Get cosy with your partner and spend some quality time to cherish but don’t be always up for sex.

6) Safety Sex:

Many couples make small trip and land up in a hotel room to make love. Only desperate lovers can take this step but if you are one of them be sure there’s no hidden camera in the room. If you go there in group maintain your privacy. Friends often capture intimate moments just to have fun and later make it public. To avoid any such embarrassment it’s better to enjoy your time separately without anyone to intervene.

Today’s couples do not regret even if they split up after having sex. They take life as it comes. If you have any inhibition about pre-marital sex you better avoid it. It would be a foolish act if you forcefully try to change yourself just to be like others.