5 Top Advantages of Live in Relationship

What are the Advantages of Live in Relationship?

Have you experienced the live in relationship? Marriage is a legal affair that allows two people to start their life together. It is one of the oldest institutions in our society but its importance has changed a bit now. To fit in the fast life culture couples now prefer to test their compatibility level even before making any commitment.

Influenced by modern western society the value of marriage is now fading away. Couples prefer freedom and choose to stay together before tying the knot. Let us find out why this generation is more interested to keep continuing with their live in status.

1) Lesser Responsibility (Live in Relationship):

Seven out of ten want to remain single only because they are not ready to take responsibility. Live-in is the easy way out to this problem. Marriage always demands some sacrifice and compromise that are referred as unwanted hazards but when you are staying with your live-in partner you are not bound to adjust in any such situation.

Expenses can be shared, household responsibilities will be divided. You don’t have to put any extra effort to impress your partner. Moreover, you can enjoy the exciting part like all married couples and that too without any burden.

2) No Social Drama (Live in Relationship):

One of the most boring things in marriage is rituals that hardly anyone wants to do now. To get that part cut from your life you can simply choose to stay happily with your partner. No documentation and formality are required to share the same address. Love automatically blossoms between the two when they are free from any social diktat.

3) Quality Time Together (Live in Relationship):

There’ll be none to poke in your love nest which assures you space and uninterrupted privacy. You can make your plan, set your mood or invite friends for party. If you want to enjoy alone with your friends you can always join them.

Married couples are inseparable in social gathering. Many feel that life gets stuck after marriage. Family and relatives equally add stress to life. Considering these traps who don’t want a free life? Live-in is just the best choice for those cool couples.

4) No Legal Hassle (Live in Relationship):

As marriage is a legal affair separation or divorce also demands lawful ending. Legal obligations imply to married couples that make their life miserable after divorce. In our society people find interest in divorce. There are instance where husbands got bankrupt by paying alimony.

Divorce also gives trauma and it takes time to heal the emotional vacuum. In live in relationship break-up or patch up is not taken so seriously. Break-up is easier to handle than any bitter divorce.

5) Test your Love (Live in Relationship):

Earlier love used to be the decisive factor for any marriage to work successfully. Now the increasing rate of divorce set an alarming example for would be couples. This is one of the causes for couples to continue with the live-in status. In this way they can judge themselves and get to know each other’s flaws.

This is the biggest advantage for them. Similarly they can check compatibility, wave length, loyalty and other important factors in life.

Many couples simply scare to get into any commitment. Those who already are victim of abusive relationship always keep a safe distance from it but live-in is actually stress-free. It gives the option to quit any moment you want. No force or obligation is applicable to this relationship.