5 Signs that Proves “Love Is Blind”

5 Signs that Proves “Love Is Blind”:

We all know the fact that love makes us blind and many people say that “Love is Blind”. Primarily we all get carried away and ignore rest of the world. There is certain bliss in the early days of romance. Our intention is not to bring rain in your love paradise but we believe wisdom demands you to learn specific signs of becoming love-blind i.e., love is blind.

1) There’s nothing wrong if you devote your time for your beloved.

Every normal person does it. However, when things get stabilised you realise that have made up an unhealthy relation with your family friends and trusted people in life only for the sake of your love. Those trusted people once used to be your strength and advised you on every little thing. Being completely blind in love (love is blind) you just ignored their presence.

2) The excitement of love is so intoxicating that force you to take the final call in haste.

This mostly happens with the couples who have enjoyed sex from the initial days. They are desperate to seal the marriage without giving it a second thought. Living together, mutual investment in property, relocating for love without any commitment is a sign of blind love (love is blind).

3) Love blind couples overlook the past that holds many secrets.

Everyone comes with flaws but being madly in love with someone allows us to look the best feature in that person by completely dismissing the imperfections. Good looks should not be a judgemental factor in love but love invariably makes lovers beautiful in their own eyes. Later when feelings and emotions slightly get saturated both start finding defects and blame each other.

4) Love makes us more patient and tolerant.

Not in all cases but particularly when our partner keeps us await or behaves rudely or takes us for granted, we all have a tendency to overlook these habits that eventually ruin the relation. We blindly go with the flow to the extreme knowing that the person is only using us for the sake of fun. Love blends (love is blind) with emotion certainly leave a strong impact that sometimes forces us to lose our control and as a result of it we make a wrong choice.

5) Being madly in love reflects in some weird ways.

Love-dovey couples are so engrossed in themselves that they have no contribution in any matter. Be it something related to family, society, education or welfare, they don’t give a damn to it. Everything they do for their own sake and in this process they lose many who used to be close to them. Being completely ignorant to the fact they just try to be good only with each other.

Love is not at all complicated to create any such trouble. It is us who sometime make vital decision just for futile fun. Real love always makes us strong to stand with pride. It’s important to know that don’t love someone to some extent that you may forget to love yourself.

Abusive partner who’s involved in sexual assault or any harassment in love relation is absolutely persona non-grata and there’s no point keeping our eyes folded in any such situation. Move forward to a healthy and sound life. No matter you are in love or contempt always take your decision boldly and be confident about it.