5 Good Jobs Recommended for Mother

Are you a mother and want to work from home? Are you looking for a job change since your first child came along? Like you, it is a big concern for many moms who have delivered a baby and have physically recovered to join their jobs. For them 8-9 hours in office is quite impossible and hectic too. What is the solution if the mother is compelled to run her family?

Generally, during the initial months when a baby totally depends on breast feed, the moms can only handle jobs that are not very engaging. It will be unfair if you expect a mother to give her office the first priority. Jobs have to be rewarding both financially and emotionally. So here’s a list of top pick jobs for a mother who neither can compromise her career nor wants to miss her motherhood.

Writing Jobs:

The best satisfactory job for anyone is copy writing. It neither requires travel nor gives you an erratic schedule. Lucky are those women who take up this profession and flourish in this field. If you are aware of the industry you can make profit even without wasting an hour. Many writers bid projects and refer them to subordinate writers. A certain percentage is shared with them and the bidder gets the maximum profit without any hassle. The best part of it is that you can manage the work from your home.


The job role of a part-time school teacher or university lecturer is more alluring for a mother. It’s definitely not a daylong task. Now with the introduction of e-learning method, anyone can join the group as a teacher. You don’t have to remain online throughout the day. Knowing your students, you will emerge online to guide them at a specific time.

Fitness Trainer or Yoga Instructor:

Another lucrative career choice is in the field of fitness training. It’s not a full time job where you have to work wholeheartedly for 8 hours. You can choose your timing as per your convenience and work for 2-4 hours in a day is an easy affair to support your family. In that way you will also remain in shape and can help others to shed the extra kilos.

Software Developer:

Many MNC companies offer work from home service where a mom on maternity leave doesn’t need to quit her job. If her health permits she can carry her assignments from home. These are high paid jobs with added benefits. At the same time, this is equally time consuming and hence it’s not so strongly recommended.

MLM Jobs:

Multi-level Marketing comes under direct sales where an independent representative sells the exclusive product. She/he has the right to recruit any other agents and earn the commission from product sales and even from each single joining. It’s not like selling product door to door.

You can find your potential customers from home and deliver their requirements on time. If you are not so good at marketing, your subordinates can save you with their flourishing business. You can still taste the sugar with each increase of your recruits. Many women are successfully running MLM business from their home now.

Balancing the work life immediate after the delivery is a tough job. The less involvement jobs with a schedule that will not keep you away are suitable for any mother. The key consideration for a mother is always flexibility during the maternity break.